Updates and Information

IRS Economic Impact Payments

The Southern Credit Union has received notice that the Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department will begin delivering a second round of Economic Impact Payments starting January 4, 2021.

The initial direct deposit payments may begin arriving as early as December 30th for some and will continue into next week. Paper checks will be mailed beginning Wednesday, December 30th. The IRS has emphasized that there is no action required by eligible individuals to receive this second payment. Some payment recipients may see the direct deposit payments as pending or as provisional payments in their accounts before the official payment date of January 4, 2021.

The IRS has stated that the payments are automatic, and that no information about payment timing will be available to either the IRS or the taxpayer’s financial institution. 

We are here to help when we can and connect you with information we hope you will find helpful. For more information regarding the IRS Economic Impact Payments CLICK HERE

Protect your information and stay safe amid COVID-19 and Government Relief Check Scams

Unfortunately, scammers are using COVID-19 to their advantage, using fear as their tactic to steal personal information. The Southern Credit Union would like to encourage you to take an extra step and protect yourself.

It only takes a minute to use extra caution to protect your information. Scams could come in a variety of forms including phishing emails with malicious links or attachments that try to trick victims into revealing sensitive information. This could also come in the form of donations to fake charities or asking you to pay a ‘small processing fee’ to receive your stimulus check more quickly.  Don’t take their bait! There are no ‘‘processing fees’’ related to the stimulus funds. Always exercise caution when opening any email related to COVID-19 or government financial assistance. And remember, government agencies do not communicate through social media avenues like Facebook. So, be wary of unsolicited messages.

Some important tips you need to know:

o   Do not reveal personal information or financial information in an email, and do not respond to solicitations for your information.

o   Avoid clicking on links in unsolicited emails and be wary of attachments. Email scammers often try to elicit a sense of fear or urgency in victims.

o   Use trusted sources- such as legitimate government websites for the most up-to-date fact based information about COVID-19 and the federal stimulus package.

o   Always verify a charity before making donations by contacting the charity directly or verify the charities existence. Do not donate if the solicitor is using high-pressure tactics or insists on a cash donation.

o   Be alert to a person calling claiming to be from The Southern Credit Union, a government agency or anyone asking you to verify sensitive information. Hang up and call the correct number to verify the call.

If you think you might be a victim of a scam or have questions, call The Southern Credit Union at 770.719.1111.  The Telephone Service Center is available Monday – Friday, 8 am. – 6 pm.