Direct Deposit

Access your money faster with Direct Deposit.

Direct Deposit

Skip standing in line during your lunch hour. Set up direct deposit and have your paycheck or other recurring deposits sent right to your checking or savings account — automatically.

To set up Direct Deposit

  • Log into Online Banking
  • Select Secure Forms
  • Click Direct Deposit

Payroll deduction

You can set aside a certain amount from each paycheck to be automatically deposited into any of your accounts, including loans, at the Credit Union. Make  payments on loans, save for a vacation or end-of-year Christmas shopping spree, or contribute to an IRA. Designate it however you like without having to stand in line.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Boxes come in various sizes each with the rental fee assessed annually on the anniversary date of the box. The primary member on an account must be the primary renter on the box. Joint members can be added.

Safe Deposit boxes are available at the following branches

  • Fayetteville
  • Sharpsburg
  • Griffin
  • Peachtree City
  • Jonesboro
  • McDonough
  • LaGrange

Annual Prices

  • 3 X 5 X 24 = $30.00
  • 5 X 5 X 24 = $40.00
  • 3 X 10 X 24 = $50.00
  • 5 X 10 X 24 = $70.00
  • 10 x 10 x 24 = $125.00

VISA Gift Cards

A Visa gift card works just like cash and can be used almost anywhere Visa debit is accepted.

Visit VISA Gift Card

VISA Gift Card Activation: 866.902.6082

View TSCU Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Prepaid Reloadable Cards

Whether you are purchasing a gift card for a special occasion or setting spending boundaries for your teen with a reloadable card gives you flexibility to determine what amount you want to contribute. 

A Visa reloadable card* is a card you load with money to use everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. You can pay bills, shop online or in stores, get direct deposit, and more.

Visa® Gift and Reloadable Cards are available for purchase at any Southern Credit Union branch location or by clicking the links below:

Visa Prepaid Card

Ways to reload funds to your Prepaid Reloadable Card:

  • Stop in one our our branches
  • By phone or online with your registered funding accounts

VISA Prepaid Activation and Support: 866.760.3156

View TSCU Prepaid Terms & Conditions