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Mortgage Icon Personal ServicePersonal Service from Start to Finish

Investing in home ownership is an important step for building a secure financial future, and buying a home should always be a positive experience. Because you are a Credit Union member, we can help you through the entire purchasing process and make sure you get the most for your money.

Mortgage Loan Options

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Benefits of being a credit union member:

  • Quicker-than-average turnaround time
  • Very competitive rates
  • Exempt from the State of Georgia Intangibles Tax on purchase transactions


How to Apply:

Mortgage Icon Fixed Rate First MortgageFixed Rate First Mortgage*

A fixed rate mortgage allows your interest rate to stay the same - and therefore your monthly principal and interest payment will stay the same as long as you have the loan.


  • 7, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 year fixed terms
  • Purchase or refinance primary residences and second homes
  • Low origination fees
  • No prepayment penalty

Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans are great

  • You can easily budget monthly expenses
  • Protected from possibility of rising interest rates
  • Plan to stay in your home for many years

Mortgage Icon Adjustable Rate First MortgageAdjustable Rate First Mortgage*

An Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) is a loan that usually has a set, low fixed-interest rate for a certain period of time, like 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 years. For the remainder of the home loan, the interest rate could adjust annually, depending on the market.


  • 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 year fixed period
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Primary residences and second/vacation homes

A good option if:

  • Lower rates and payments early in the loan term
  • An affordable option for borrowers that do not plan on staying in the home for a long period
  • Want to pay off your home in a shorter time frame

Mortgage Icon Jumbo LoanJumbo Loan*

A Jumbo Loan is a mortgage used to finance properties that exceed the maximum conventional loan amount.


  • Loans for properties over $548,250
  • Purchase or refinance primary residences, second homes
  • Fixed-Rate Loan terms are 10 and 15
  • Adjustable-Rate Loan terms are 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, 10/1, 5/5, 10/5, and 15/5
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Low origination fees

Good For:

  • Borrowers interested in purchasing more expensive properties,
  • Lower debt-to-income ratios
  • Members who can afford a larger down payment of a minimum 10% of purchase price

Mortgage Icon RefinanceRefinance*

Refinancing means paying off your existing mortgage with a new one, usually with a lower rate and/or shorter term.


  • 7, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 year fixed terms
  • Refinance primary residences and second homes
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Low origination fees

Consider refinancing if:

  • If it is time to switch from an adjustable to a fixed rate loan
  • Interest rates have dropped and you have an opportunity to lower your rate


                                  * Products and pricing are subject to change at any time without notice.