Wire Transfer

Transfer funds quick and easy with a Wire Transfer.

Wiring funds to The Southern Credit Union

The Southern offers both domestic and international wire transfers.

For incoming wires (wires received at The Southern Credit Union):

  • Receiver ABA/Routing & Transit #: 261071328
  • Receiver Institution Name: The Southern Credit Union
  • Member Name
  • Member Account Number

There is a $10 fee for incoming wire transfers.

Wiring funds from The Southern Credit Union

For outgoing wires (wires being sent by The Southern Credit Union):

Contact the receiving institution to obtain the wire instructions for The Southern to follow. Incorrect wire instructions will result in the return of the wire transfer and you may be charged a wire transfer fee by both financial institutions.

Outgoing wire requests received prior to 3:00 EST (domestic wires) or Noon EST (international wires) will be processed the same day. Wires received after this deadline will be processed the next business day. Incoming wires are posted as they are received from the initiating financial institution.

When the outgoing funds reach their destination is dependent upon the time the request was received, any weekend or holidays, the geographical location of the destination financial institution, and/or the number of correspondent financial institutions involved in the routing process.

There is a $15 fee for outgoing domestic wire transfers.

International Wire Transfers

International wires that are processed by Noon EST will be processed the same day. Wire amounts over $5,000 may be subject to additional identity verification.

There is a $45 fee for outgoing international wire transfers.

Wire Fraud Prevention Tips

  • Before submitting a wire request, verbally confirm the wiring instructions with the recipient in person or by calling a known verified phone number.
  • Do not rely solely on wiring instructions that are sent via email or other electronic communications.
  • Be wary of free email accounts because they have major security issues. Find a more secure method of communication for your wiring details.
  • Make a call and verify any wiring changes emailed to you as well. 

Wire Transfer FAQs

Choose a Wire Transfer question below

What is a wire transfer and what information is needed to send one?

  • A wire transfer is an electronic payment service for transferring funds by wire from one person or financial institution to another. Detailed wiring instructions are above.

How do I send a wire transfer?

Why do I need a wire confirmation number?

  • The wire confirmation number tracks that the wire went to the receiving bank. Wire confirmation numbers are provided upon request.